Igor Purlantov – Improving Lives of Animals across the U.S. and Europe

Igor Purlantov is not just an animal lover, but anactivist who has been working endlessly toward protecting the rights of animals. Over the years, he has devoted all his time toward promoting the ethical and humane treatment of all animals. So far, he has received strong support from other animal lovers and has raised funds for various animal care centers and organizations across the U.S. and Europe through the Spartacus Foundation, named after his beloved family cat.

As a tribute to his family cat, who lived just three years, Igor Purlantov founded the Spartacus Foundation which provides charitable services and donations to various animal shelters and charities. He believes that human beings are blessed with the ability to speak and thus they can defend for themselves when they are subjected to cruelty and injustice. However, animals cannot voice out the torture or pain they are subjected to, and through the Spartacus Foundation, Igor wants to be the voice of these animals. Over the years, he has done a lot of philanthropic work as well as raised awareness among people for the ethical treatment of animals. He does so by writing writings and using social media platforms such as Twitter.

He condemns atrocities such as physical abuse, over breeding, neglect, and dog fighting that animals are subjected to in various parts of the world.  Through his writings, he not only raises awareness but gives a platform to other animal lovers to come together and do substantial work towards the cause. It is efforts like these that have won Igor Purlantov many awards and accolades for his work toward helping animals. While he is proud of what he has done so far towards animal rights, he is still appalled by the way animals are continuously subjected to mistreatment in various parts of the world. He urges people to recognize and report cruelty towards an animal so that a life can be saved.

Igor also suggests other ways through which people can create a better and livable environment for animals. He recommends people take up volunteer work with recognized organizations that promote respect and well-being for animals. When planning to have a pet, one should adopt them from a shelter or a rescue center, and simply refuse supporting puppy mills. He also encourages people to make monetary donations, distribute blankets and animal food to shelters. Even those who cannot provide much monetary support to animal shelters can make the lives of animals better through simple gestures like spending quality time with them.

He also requests people stop neglecting sick or wounded animals. He says that quick action and timely treatment can save the helpless animal’s life and give you immense satisfaction and happiness. Igor says that if you find an animal who is tick or flea infested, has wounds on the body, patches of missing hair, limps or shows other such signs of cruelty, you should immediately report it to local authorities or a nearby animal shelter and seek help. Getting in touch with the Spartacus Foundation is also an option you can choose to support animal rights.